Inhale don't chew.

John. 20. Music major. Drums, Tattoos, and My lyrics to help my thoughts. I think of messed up things.

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Waiting… || City & Colour

So say goodbye to love, 
And hold your head up high.
There’s no need to rush.

Don’t really know why I’m feeling the way I am right now at 1am..

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I saw your face shine like the sun, 

it glows, thought I’d let this go. 

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i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree

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Symphony No. 49 in F minor, Hob. I:49 “La Passione”: I. Adagio, Franz Joseph Haydn; Giovanni Antonini: Il Giardino Armonico

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7/16” (11mm) Bookmatched Namibian Sodalite Plugs with 13mm front flares and 12mm back flares for comfy cartilage wear & easy insertion

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look at this stupid nerd making stupid nerdy postcards

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"My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me"
Excuse me
What was that?
YOU ¿ 
How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”


But seriously if your partner won’t let you do something (eg, hang out with your friends)? That’s actually a GIANT RED FLAG for an abusive relationship, please get help or get out of there.

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Ben Chen

These grim illustrations are by Ben Chen. He takes famous characters and puts them in bizarre situations, but he adds a bright, cartoony style to them which just adds to the bizarre-ness. The art helps point out how a lot of our child-hood characters and their stories are kinda grim to begin with.

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German Shepherd Dog painted in time for Halloween. (x)

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